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What's SMIK ?

Short rules of SMIK

SMIK = "Skorelauf" with MIgrating Controls

(control = kontrola in the czech language)

As you probably know, "skorelauf" is the kind of Orienteering, where is not defined the order, in which the runners have to punch the controls. That means you find single, unconnected circles on the map. The task of the competiter is to punch maximum number of controls or to get maximum of score points in the time limit.

  1. In the SMIK competition is the time limit 1 hour. The controls have the value of different number of points, depending on the distance of the finish line and on the orentering demanding. On the map they are usually marked as follows :
    red drawn ... 1-point
    blue drawn ... 2-point
    green drawn ... 3-point

    There is a penalty if the finish time of the competiter exceeds the time limit. The penalty is given by the following rule :
    60 min < finish time < 61 min ... 1 point is subtracted
    61 min <= finish time < 62 min ... 1+2=3 points are subtracted
    62 min <= finish time < 63 min ... 1+2+3=6 points are subtracted
    63 min <= finish time < 64 min ... 1+2+3+4=10 points are subtracted
    etc. according to the same rule
    (60+n-1) min <= finish time < (60+n) min ... 1+2+..+n points are subtracted ,where n = 2,3,...

    If the resulting number of points is negative, zero is stated in the results.
    As far as it goes it's standard "Skorelauf". In the SMIK however, there the controls migrate, which makes the matter much more complicated. Don't worry, it's no Brownian motion of controls in the forest, but regular motion, defined by the special "time table".

    Eg. of time table for control num. 41 :
    time [min] control description
    41A 00 to 21 pit
    42B 36 to 40 fodder rack
    41C 45 to 63 thicket, west corner

  2. All competiters start at the same moment. The map and the time table are given to each runner five minutes before he/she starts to study the route.
  3. Punching is possible only in the control point and in the "open time" given by the time table. In the course of migration is the punching not allowed. In that time the controls bite, scratch, strandgle and are punch-resistent.
  4. The points for each control are counted up only once time. That means eg. that control 36A, 36B, 36C is the only one control for scoring points. So is it in fact. It doesn't make any sense to punch the control of the same number in different control points.
  5. Each control has to be punched in the proper place of the control card. It has to be filled in as follows : The the least code control goes into the window num. 1, the least but one code control goes into the window number 2, etc.
  6. The resulting sequence of runners is given by the points they get. If two or more competiters score equal number of points, the shorter finish time is defining.

(c) Martin Sajal
Poslední aktualizace: 26.3.2001